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Fuyang Technology Corp, PCB company Hsinchu eaten by huge fire and almost destroyed


The Hsinchu County Fire Department received a report at about 2 pm on October 11th that a factory fire occurred in Fuyang Technology, Section 2, Jianxing Road, Xinfeng Township. The Fire Department dispatched 13 vehicles and 27 people to the rescue and notified fire officers to go.

The fire department stated that it received a notification and the personnel immediately dispatched. At about 3 pm, the open flame on the 5th floor platform had been extinguished.

The fire of Fuyang Technology Corp lasted until about 7:40 in the evening. The factory building covers an area of ​​more than 200 square meters and five floor. 

The first and second floors were all engulfed by flames, and the third floor and above were blackened by thick smoke. The entire building was almost completely destroyed and it was horrible. 

Fortunately, no one went to work on Sunday and there were no casualties. However, the loss of Fuyang Technology is also hard to estimate its amount of loss.

Founded in 2016, Fuyang Technology is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of flexible printed circuit boards (PCB/FPC). It ranks among the top 200 in the supplier responsibility list announced by Apple in 2019.


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