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Migrant caregiver caught allegedly abusing an elderly woman that sparked public anger

A video of a migrant caregiver allegedly abusing an elderly woman sparked public anger from netizens after it was uploaded on Facebook.

The video uploaded by Anita Keh showed the caregiver appearing to pinch her Taiwanese charge's thigh and grab her hair at Xinglinkou Park in New Taipei's Linkou District, Taiwan News reported.

Grandma was holding her waist while walking, trying to lead the nurse, but the foreign nurse told her not to touch her... Then they walked back, I still heard the nurse cursing grandma, so I decided to record, according to the uploader.

After the family members found the video, they immediately called the police to deal with it and contacted the agency to take the migrant worker. However, the caregiver will not be held accountable for less than a month since she came to Taiwan.

New Taipei City Councilor Tsai Shu-chun immediately called the police and contacted the Labor Bureau.

However, the employer said that there may be a misunderstanding, considering that the caregiver has just arrived in Taiwan for less than a month and is still adapting to the running-in period.

(Photos: Screengrab from facebook Anita Keh)


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