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Nine dead after family eats noodles stocked in freezer for 1 year


A supposed to be blissful family gathering became a tragedy after nine of the family of twelve died because of the noodles that was stocked for almost one year in the freezer.

According to reports, the incident happened in NorthEast China. A family ate a corn noodle soup that they prepared using the noodles that was stored in the freezer.

After a few hours of eating, nine members of the family began feeling sick and eventually died due to food poisoning. The three kids who did not eat the food are the only one who survive.

Based on the investigation of the police, no foul play is suspected. it is only believed that the  family did not think the food would go bad because they put this in the fridge.

With this, the provincial health commision advises everyone to stop eating foods that were left in the fridge for over a week and immediatley discard those that were stored for nearly a year.


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