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Pinoy may face a NT$300,000 penalty after carrying a wild turtle in Taiwan's Pingtung

The Marine Patrol Department’s Xiaoliuqiu Security Checkpoint received a report that a Filipino illegally carried a sea turtle in the waters near Xiaoliuqiu’s Vase Island which is a violation of Taiwan's Article 18 of the Wildlife Conservation Law.

The marine patrol officer provided evidence of the side record, they went to investigate and found the male Filipino who was reported on the spot.  The man confessed and said that he did not understand Taiwan’s laws and knew that this action was illegal. The Pingtung District Procuratorate for investigation in violation of the Wildlife Conservation Law.

The Marine Patrol received a report from the public that a suspected foreigner had touched a sea turtle in the waters of Vase Island. 

Marine Patrol officers went immediately and found a Filipino man who met the characteristics of the case. At first, he ignore the accusation but when marine patrol shows some photos, he confessed.

He saw a turtle near the shore at the beach and he approached and rushed towards the turtle.  The man confessed during the police call, but confessed that he was not familiar with the relevant laws in Taiwan and did not deliberately violated the law.

Written on Taiwan’s Wildlife Conservation Act, the tourist actions violated the Article 18 and, if found guilty of harassing protected wildlife and may face a penalty between NT$60,000 to NT$300,000.


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