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Taiwan City mayors to discuss a possibility of MRT line between Taipei and Keelung

Mayors from Taipei, New Taipei City and Keelung today to discuss the possibility of upgrading a proposed light rail system for Keelung to connect it with a Taipei MRT line according to Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC).

Keelung City Government have since 2017 been planning to build a light rail system to connect the city to Taipei via New Taipei City.

"In the past, we mainly talked about the light rail system as a point-to-point transport system. We would now re-evaluate the system from the perspective of spatial planning and would propose to upgrade it to an MRT line, making it part of the railway network surrounding the nation’s capital,” Minister Lin Chia-Lung said.

An MRT line between the two cities will boost the development of Keelung, the benefits of an MRT line would be far greater than those of a light rail system.

Additionally, Lin said the ministry has submitted to the Executive Yuan its master plan for an electrified dual-track railway line between Hualien and Taitung.


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