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Waiter who is being mocked, gets his revenge by building his dream house


After being a waiter since 2012, Jhay Suarez Tuyor finally reached his success and was able to build his dream house and prove everyone wrong.

Tuyor reminisce how many of the people used to mocked him just because he works as a waiter.

According to him, many look down on his job as if he was doing something illegal.

Some would even tell him “Waiter ka lang pala? Waiter ka lang pala, oh mag praktis kana mag bugaw ng langaw dito sa hapag kainan."

Even though he feels hurt, he simply ignore what other people say about his job for he know that there is nothing that he can do to change their mind.

Until one day, he blissfully shared his dream house that he was able to build by "just being a waiter."

With this, Tuyor just prove that success do not lies on what type of job the person has but on determination and effort they exert.


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