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Apple suspends Taiwan's Pegatron due to accused of abuse on student workers in China

The Taiwanese firm was put on probation after employees went to ‘extraordinary lengths’ to cover up Supplier Code of Conduct violations, Apple said in a report from Bloomberg.

Pegatron violated a code of conduct by misclassifying the students, allowing some to work longer hours or at night, with staff going “to extraordinary lengths” to cover up the incidents, Bloomberg quoted Apple as saying. 

Pegatron is one of just a handful of partners Apple relies on globally to assemble marquee products such as the iPhone.

The incidents occurred at Pegatron factories in Shanghai and Kunshan. Pegatron has fired the manager who oversaw the student worker program.

Apple’s move hands an opening to rival Luxshare Precision Industry Co, which is on the verge of becoming the first Chinese firm to assemble the iPhone.


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