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Camp with the magnificent "sea of clouds" at Manabang Mountain in Taiwan's Miaoli

There is an amazing camping area in Manabang Mountain in Miaoli. It has an excellent location at the highest point. Not only can you enjoy the amazing night view, but the romantic sea of ​​clouds is directly in front of the camp. It is healing enough to watch the lazy appearance of white flowing clouds. 

There is also the stag beetle education room that children love most. In addition, there are different activities throughout the year, from strawberry season, cherry blossom season to firefly season.

The beauty of the four seasons in the park is ever-changing, such as the strawberry season from December to April, the cherry blossom season in January, the plum blossom season in March, the firefly season from April to May, and the beetle season from June to October.

No. 31,
Lin Shanghu , 12 Dongxing Village, Dahu Township, Miaoli County

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  1. Is there any phone number on that camping site? We want to call for inquiries. Thank u


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