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Catch the elegant and largest Chrysanthemum Show in Taipei's Shilin Residence

The Chrysanthemum Exhibition at Shilin Residence is here again! 

The 19th year "Chrysanthemum Exhibition at Shilin Official Residence" will be grandly launched from November 27th.

This year, with the theme of childishness, there will be super cute "pudding dogs" in the exhibition area, with large chrysanthemum, small chrysanthemum, and chrysanthemum Equipped with childlike art installations, 13 exhibition areas allow the public to cruise freely, smell the flowers and take beautiful photos.

This year there will also be magnificent large chrysanthemums, with cliff chrysanthemums, modeling chrysanthemums, large chrysanthemums, small chrysanthemums and grass flowers.

There are also giraffes and flower fairies living together in the fantasy castle for two weeks from the 27th. There are wonderful activities and performances every week, to accompany friends of all sizes on a wonderful flower viewing journey.

2020 Shilin Official Residence Chrysanthemum Exhibition Art Jutong Tour

Event Time: 11/27-12/13
Event Venue: Shilin Official Residence (No. 60 Fulin Road, Shilin District, Taipei City)


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