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Former OFW now a street dweller after being disowned by own family

A former overseas Filipino worker has now nothing to do but to beg for alms in the streets of Manila in order to survive after getting rejected by his own family whom he helped when working abroad.

According to Aileen Mariquit Sombise who shared the story, the OFW named Ramon, 61 years old, is a previous worker in Saudi Arabia for 21 years. 

He used to earn a lot of many back then and was able to help his family with financial aspect. He even sent one of his relative to school to continue studying.

The OFW was not able to get married and have his own child because of his dedication to help his existing family.

Unfortunately, when Ramon came back in the Philippines due to his age and health condition no one  in his family even dare to take care of him because he no longer have money to give to them thus he end up being a beggar and a street dweller.

Many netizens felt sorry with the situation of Ramon and commented that he should have handled his money well and save for his future use.


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  1. True. Even the one you've helped will vomit you as if you arte not existing. Word of advice, WAG MASYADONG MABAIT.


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