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LOOK: Disney-themed Christmasland in Taiwan officially opens for its 10th anniversary

New Taipei’s Christmasland celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and has set many new records, including the longest activity time of 52 days, the widest range of light zones in history, and the most collaborations with Disney’s classic animation.

Passing through the light gallery, you can see the bottom layer of the main light’s dream music box. From the outside, you can see many Disney classic characters hidden in silhouette.

New Taipei Christmasland flags are also integrated into the Disney Dream Castle, Cinderella carriage, Princess Jasmine and other patterns, like a Taiwan version of Disneyland that glows at night.

The city's colorful light corridors are created with three types of hanging LED lights in pink, blue and purple, allowing visitors to walk through the light corridor tunnel and enter a dream light paradise.

Visitors can go up the stairs along the side to enjoy the main light up close. Each floor is carefully designed, and coming to the top floor is the best perspective to appreciate the main lights of this year’s New Taipei Christmasland.

New Taipei Christmasland schedule November 13, 2020 to January 3, 2021


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