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Neglectful children let old father live alone and beg for food


A father from Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija has no choice but to live alone and beg for food to strangers despite him having children of his own.

A concerned netizen named Jenny Rose Leonardo Ventura shared the saddening situation of the old man, Rene Banaag in Facebook last Sunday (Nov. 15).

According to Ventura, no one is taking care of Tatay Rene. Other people sometimes just offer food just for him to have something to eat.

"May mga anak po yan hindi Inaasikaso ng mga anak, namamalimos Lang po sa kung Saan Saan. Walang nag aalaga po at mapanghe na nakatira Lang po sa barong barong, inaabutan Lang po ng pagkain," wrote Ventura.

Ventura now hopes that the program Raffy Tulfo in Action hosted by Raffy Tulfo would notice the pitiful situation of Tatay Rene. Tulfo is known for his generous acts to anyone who ask for help in his program.


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