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Taiwan ranks first in economic growth among four Asian dragon -President Tsai

President Tsai Ing-wen said that countries have recently announced their economic growth rates in the third quarter of 2020. Taiwan’s economic growth rate is better than expected, ranking first among the four Asian dragons that includes Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea.

President Tsai would like to thank everyone who united to prevent the epidemic, "There are hundreds of industries working hard in society. This is our common achievement!"

President Tsai pointed out via a Facebook post today that Taiwan’s economic performance has once again surpassed forecasts. 

Recently, various countries have successively announced the economic growth rate for the third quarter of 2020. Among them, Taiwan's economic growth rate has reached 3.33%, which is better than expected, and it also ranks first among the four Asian dragons.

She said that the economy can maintain positive growth thanks to the unity of the Chinese people to prevent the epidemic and the hard work of hundreds of industries in the society. "This is our common achievement!"

President Tsai said that good results should continue. After the epidemic, Taiwan cannot ignore economic and trade exchanges with other countries, including accelerating major investment plans, promoting industrial transformation, and laying out transnational supply chain cooperation networks. Is leading the direction of the government team's efforts. 



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