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Taiwan's Medigen vaccine injections praised with "ultra-thin" needle

Many recipients of Taiwan's domestically made Medigen vaccine do not feel much pain during the injection due to the needle are "ultra thin."

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen became the first person to receive the Medigen shot and she said that she "didn't feel anything."

The Medigen doses are being delivered with 25-gauge "ultra-thin" needles. The outer diameter of the needles is only 0.02 inches with an inner diameter of 0.009 inches. 

This enables the vaccine to be injected into muscle while inflicting minimal damage to body tissues and causing little pain.

The Medigen doses are being packaged in single-use syringes. The inclusion of the vaccine in the single-use syringes eliminates the possibility of contamination from separate packaging.

Medigen, whose Chinese name literally means "high-end," the vaccine was by Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp., it was given emergency approval by regulators in July using a shortcut that prompted fierce opposition from parts of Taiwan’s medical and scientific community.

Job Hiring: Pegatron Corporation in Taiwan now direct hiring factory workers, machine operators

Company: Pegatron Corporation
Location: Taoyuan or Xindian plant, Taiwan
Products: Electronic products
Job Positions: Factory Workers, Machine Operators


Pegatron profile:

Pegatron Corp is a design, manufacturing and service company. The Company produces motherboards, desktop PCs, notebooks, broadband, wireless systems, game consoles, networking, multimedia, LCD TV, and more.

The company makes products in for computing, communications and consumer electronics markets.

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Taiwan needs to vaccinate 60 percent of its population to safely open its border: Experts

Taiwan will need to vaccinate at least 60 percent of its population to achieve herd immunity and safely reopen to the outside world, according to experts.

Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) said that strict border control will remain in place until the national vaccination rate rises.

"Of course we wish to relax some of these quarantine rules, but the point is we in Taiwan must have stronger protection first," CECC head and Health Minister Chen Shih-chung said.

Around 40 percent of Taiwan's population of 23.5 million people have received a first vaccine shot, but less than 3 percent have had the two shots needed to be fully vaccinated.

Taiwan's COVID-19 control measures, its borders have been closed to non-nationals, except for those who have residency or special permission to enter since March 19, 2020.

Job Hiring: Yageo Corporation in Taiwan now direct hiring male and female factory workers

Company: Yageo Corporation
Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Products: Capacitors, MLCC
Job Positions: Factory workers, Machine Operators


Yageo profile:

Yageo Corporation is a leading global electronic component company with capabilities on a global scale.

Yageo currently ranks as the world No.1 in chip-resistors, No. 3 in MLCCs, with strong global presence - 19 Manufacturing sites, 8 R&D centers worldwide.

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Job Hiring: Lextar Electronics in Taiwan now direct hiring factory workers

Company: Lextar Electronics Co Ltd
Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Products: Electronics products
Job Positions: Factory workers, Machine Operator


Lextar Electronics profile:

Lextar is a global leader in opto-semiconductor solutions with a strategic advantage of integrating upper stream epitaxial, middle stream chip, downstream package and module. 

Lextar is an innovator of product applications, which include: LCD backlights, automotive, 3D/2D sensing, UV, RGB display and lighting.

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Sailor Moon-themed restaurant offers unique foods, drinks and a stage show

There are lots of anime themed restaurants that always pops up in Japan and there is the permanent Sailor Moon restaurant which offer unique sets for dine in and a stage show.

The restaurant just opened in August 2019 as this themed restaurant is a special and differ to others. Even released in 1991, Sailor Moon is still Japan’s premier magical girl anime/manga franchise.

The restaurant is called Sailor Moon Shining Moon Tokyo, it offers Sailor Moon themed food like Pretty Guardian Lunch Box and Moon Prism Rice Burger for lunch, or the Sailor Planet Round Sushi, Mako-chan-invented Somen cold noodles, or Tsukino Family’s Bunny Curry for dinner.

Drinks are also in themed form like Usagi Strawberry Smoothie or Mamoru Ice Coffee, with other lineup that includes pink lemonade, blue cider, red cider, green nectar, golden mango, and black sugar coffee.

Though apart from the themed food that it offers, the biggest draw of the restaurant is the stage show at dinner time which is a live Sailor Moon stage show performed on the stage.

There were three performance each night and each role is played by at least two actresses:

Sailor Moon Shining Moon Tokyo is located at Azabu Juban district, the neighborhood where Usagi/Sailor Moon lived in the anime/manga, as well as where series creator Naoko Takeuchi has lived.


Break up leave, OOTD benefits and more unique “leave and benefits” offered in this company

IXM is one of the leading advertising agency in the Philippines and a member of Hakuhodo, one of Japan's largest marketing company and fourth largest in the world. IXM stands for Ideas X Machina, an allusion to deus ex machine which is founded by Third Domingo.

As the CEO of the company, Domingo gave unique set of company leave and benefits to inspire his people in the company. One of them is the “Date you parents leave”, as he pleased to and requested his employees to take it as the CEO love his parents so much.

Here are some of the unique leave and benefits offered at IXM:

Date Your Parents Leave:
It is a paid leave with a subsidy of P2,000. The leave can be availed 4 times a year so you can take your parents out on a date. Though you have to submit document or evidences of the date by taking a picture of you and your parents enjoying a date.

Breakup Leave:
An employee can take if they break up with their special someone, it is a paid leave.

Fashion Benefits:
IXM employees can participate in a runway style show inside the company and flourish their OOTD fashion. If the style is applauded the employee will receive P4,000 cash benefit. If no applause, they still receive P2,800 as consolation.

Reimbursed Date Expenses:
“We don’t care who or how many you date, just go,” says the CEO. The employee will be subsidized with P1,500 that can avail 4 times a year just to go out on a date with someone.

Wedding Expenses Subsidy:
The company will shoulder reception expenses worth up to P50,000 if married while currently employed.

Subsidized Dating Apps:
The company pays for a premium subscription of an employee to any dating apps.

Movie Passes:
IXM regularly funds movie tickets for its employees to have good time

"Creativity is nourished outside of the office, it’s definitely not inside the office." according to Domingo, by giving those unique sets of leave and benefits.


Job Hiring: Keding Enterprises Co Ltd in Taiwan now direct hiring factory workers

Company: Keding Enterprise Co Ltd
Location: Chiayi, Taiwan
Products: Wood products
Job Positions: Factory workers, Machine Operator


Keding Enterprises profile:

Keding Enterprises Co., Ltd. operates as a wood products manufacturing company. The Company produces and sells wood veneered panels, interior wood doors, wood floorings, and other products. Keding Enterprises markets its products throughout worldwide.

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Job Hiring: Panasonic Corp in Taiwan now direct hiring factory workers, machine operators

Company: Panasonic Taiwan Co Ltd
Location: New Taipei, Taiwan
Products: Appliances
Job Positions: Factory workers, Machine Operator


Panasonic Taiwan profile:

Panasonic Taiwan, a member of the global Panasonic Group, was established in 1962. From the outset, we have recognized our responsibilities as industrialists, devoted ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people through our business activities, thereby enhancing quality of life throughout the world.

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Newly built Clark Airport terminal opens dedicated "OFW Lounge"

The newly completed Clark International Airport terminal building dedicates a transit lounge exclusively for the use of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). 

OFWs can stay, rest and relax at the lounge – free of charge.

"Clark’s new terminal is envisioned to be an international gateway that all Filipinos can be proud of, not just because of its state-of-the-art facilities, but because it reflects Filipino values," said Vince Dizon, Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

"Kasama na po rito and pagtanaw ng utang na loob. OFWs make a huge sacrifice for our country. The OFW Lounge is our small way of saying thanks, and reassuring our kababayans that we value them, wherever they are in the world and especially here at home,” Dizon continued.

OFWs will also get to experience 24/7 self-service check-in and bag drop facilities to provide more flexibility in planning their departure as they are not restricted by counter opening hours.

The P12.55 billion new Clark airport terminal can accommodate 8 million passengers per year. It is expected to spur economic development and tourism in Central and Northern Luzon. (Photos: BCDA)


Grupo ng health workers, frontliners, nagbanta ng mass resignation at kilos protesta

Nagbabanta at tumatawag ang isang grupo ng medical frontliners ng mass resignation at kilos protesta kung hindi ibibigay ng gobyerno ang kanilang allowance at benepisyo.

"Kung talagang pikit-bulag ang ating gobyerno sa mga panawagan ng mga health workers, both public and private, talagang pupunta tayo doon sa mass resignation," ayon kay Alliance of Health Workers President Robert Mendoza.

Mapipilitang ituloy ang protesta pati ang mass resignation ng grupo kung magmamatigas ang Department of Health (DOH) sa hinihingi nila.

"Mayroon na kaming nakaplano na sama-samang pagkilos. Ito’y tinatawag naming malawakang lockdown," ayon naman kay Jao Clumia, pangulo ng St. Luke's Medical Center Employees Association.

Ipinaliwanag naman ng DOH na gumastos ng aabot sa P10.85 bilyon ang pamahalaan para sa higit 740,000 health workers at P4.34 bilyon para sa hazard pay ng higit 864,000 frontliners.

"The SRA (special risk allowance) which is really processed through the regional offices... would mean that they need to enlist in a masterlist in regional offices," paliwanag ni DOH Undersecretary Leopoldo Vega.

Ikinalulungkot rin ni Vega na sa kabila ng pagtaas muli ng mga kaso ng COVID-19 sa bansa, may mga panawagang magkaroon ng mass resignation sa grupo ng mga health workers.

Taiwan Police maltreatment allegedly shackled and detained legal working migrant caregiver

A police officer in New Taipei is facing possible criminal charges after an incident in which he is allegedly shackled and detained a migrant caregiver for mistakenly her as an undocumented migrant worker.

The outrage came from the facebook post of Huang Tzu-hua, a representative of a domestic caregivers' union based in Taoyuan, the incident began when the caregiver went downstairs to throw out the garbage.

She was approached by a policeman, who shouted at her and demanded to see her alien resident certificate (ARC), Huang said adding "who takes their ID to throw out the trash?"

The police officer handcuffed her to a chair at a nearby 7-Eleven store. He then drove her to Zhongxing Bridge Police Station, where she was placed in leg shackles and interrogated.

After police determined that the caregiver was working in Taiwan legally, they agreed to release her, but made no offer to return her to the place where she had been arrested.

As the woman had just gone to throw out the garbage, she did not have any money on her to take a taxi, and was thus left to find her way home using Google Maps, according to Huang.

In the post, Huang said the woman was distressed not only by her treatment but also about being away for so long from the elderly woman she is responsible for caring for.

Lin Ku-ting, Sanchong Precinct police chief, said he was "furious" upon learning of the incident, and had ordered an investigation. He said the officer in question, surnamed Hsieh, defended his actions to investigators, saying he had approached the woman because she was "looking around" suspiciously and had a "strange expression."

The department concluded, however, that Hsieh's actions were a breach of police conduct, and it has asked the New Taipei City Prosecutors Office to investigate him for possible offenses against personal liberty under the Criminal Code.


14-day old infant dies of COVID-19 complications

One of the current fatalities of COVID-19 is a 14-day old infant from Igbaras town in the province of Iloilo and is confirmed by town mayor Jaime Esmeralda.

“As a matter of protocol, the boy was swabbed Friday night, after he was pronounced dead at the Rep. Pedro Trono Memorial Hospital in Guimbal town. The result came out the following day,” the mayor said.

The mother of the infant has a normal delivery at a hospital at San Juaquin and reminded by health authoroties to comply with the 14-day isolation protocol.

The mother said she noticed swelling with rashes at the baby’s injection site (anti-tubercolosis BCG vaccine or BCG).

The baby was immunized at the Rural Health Unit of Igbaras, the midwife who administered said that she did not notice any irregularity.

“On the night of that day, the baby had difficulty breathing and was getting bluish,” according to the mother where they rushed the baby in a ambulance going to a hospital.

“For now, we can’t say where the child contracted the virus,” the mayor said.

US territory Guam opens around 11,500 jobs for Filipinos: DOLE

American territory of Guam opens around 11,500 jobs for Filipinos seeking employment abroad. Prospects for employment in Guam will be bright for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

“In the next 10 years, kailangan po ng around 11,500 workers or more. Two thousand to 3,000 pa lang nave-verify namin na job orders. ‘Yung made-deploy po ay depende na po sa recruitment agency at tsaka sa pag-approve ng US visa sa US Embassy,” Labor Attaché in Los Angeles, Armi Evangel Peña said.

Peña, who heads the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Los Angeles, California in the United States (US) bared the news to the Department of Labor Employment.

“Kailangan po nating ng mga electricians, welders, HVAC and refrigeration mechanics, construction equipment mechanics, plumbers and pipe fitters, operating engineers or heavy equipment operators, and of course carpenters, reinforcing metal workers, structural steel workers, camp cooks…[and all types of] engineers,” she enumerated.

Majority of the job openings are in the construction industry. Having the right skills and work experience are crucial factors in landing a job in Guam.

“Sa katunayan, minamadali na po tayo ng Guam na ma-deploy lahat. Talagang gustong-gusto po nila ang Pilipino dahil very hardworking at maparaan ang Pilipino kumpara sa ibang lahi," Peña added.

Woman in Taiwan abandon and dumps newborn baby in a garbage truck

A woman living in New Taipei was taken into custody on Thursday after admitting she dumped her newborn baby girl in a garbage truck in Xinzhuang District earlier in the day, according to local police.

The 43-year-old woman, identified by her surname Chen, was detained around noon by New Taipei police at her place of work in Neihu District, neighboring Taipei, where she works as an accountant.

The newborn baby and placenta were discovered still connected and wrapped in a plastic bag by a garbage truck operator at the intersection of Zhonggang and Zhonghua streets at 6:50 a.m., when he was about to use the garbage crusher, police said.

The operator immediately reported the discovery to the local police, who said the child was already not breathing and was dead.

After a thorough examination of the truck's dashcam video and all the garbage bags, Chen was identified as having dumped a bag of garbage into the truck after riding on a bicycle to the site, police said.

Police visited her residence in Xinzhuang, where she lives with her husband and two children, only to find that she had gone to work at an office in Neihu, where she was detained about an hour later.

After being questioned by police, Chen admitted dumping the newborn before going to work. She told police that she felt an extreme abdominal pain early in the morning, and the baby slipped out while she was taking a bathroom break. Chen said she panicked, wrapped the baby in a plastic bag and took her to the garbage truck.

An initial forensic examination found that the baby had been conceived about seven months earlier and had the umbilical cord around her neck. An autopsy will be carried out to determine whether she died before or after the birth, according to prosecutors investigating the case.

Based on Taiwan's law, Chen could be sentenced to a prison term of six months to five years if she is found guilty of disposing of a dead body. However, if she is determined to have caused the death of the child as a result of abandoning her she could receive a life sentence. -Central News Agency

Use face shields, masks as precaution against COVID-19: Duterte


President Rodrigo Duterte reaffirmed on Monday that face shields should be worn with face masks as a precaution against Covid-19, and that the public should follow his "advice" because they elected him as the country's leader.

He acknowledged that certain "sectors" believe face shields are unnecessary, but said he wanted to preserve the requirement because he cared about Filipinos' health and safety.

"Just follow my order. You voted for me after all. There are millions who like me, as they say. So ito it's a advice I'm giving you because I love you as Filipino,” he said in his pre-recorded public address.

Because it is still uncertain how Covid-19 will enter a person's body, Duterte believes it is best to have an extra layer of infection protection.

He acknowledged that wearing face shields is inconvenient, but he believes it is better to be safe than sorry.

Besides the use of face shields, he also emphasized the importance of frequent hand-washing after interacting with other people. “It is not discourteous nowadays to wash your hands in public after shaking the hands. It's not rude because that is really the measure that is needed by the times,” he said.


OFWs in Taiwan warned by POEA vs. illegal hiring to Poland or 'third-country hiring scheme’

Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), particularly those in Taiwan were warned by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) against unscrupulous recruiters offering jobs in Poland.

POEA warned Filipino workers in these areas against a "third-country hiring scheme".

“It has come to the attention of this administration that many Filipino workers working abroad (reportedly especially those in Taiwan) are falling victim to third-country hiring scheme,” the advisory read.

POEA said that there lots of OFWs fallong into traps of these illegal recruiters outside the Philippine and taking advantage.

“They are often (charged with) exorbitant fees only to later find that they were promised false employment. Those deployed often encounter problems in their employment or immigration status once they reach Poland,” it added.

“To avoid third-country hiring and its dangers, this administration encourages all Filipino workers desiring to work in Poland to deal only with licensed Philippine recruitment agencies in the Philippines that have valid and POEA-approved job orders for Filipino workers in Poland," it added.

This is to ensure that Filipino workers are properly documented when going to Poland thereby also ensuring the legitimacy of their employment and the protection of their welfare.

Job Hiring: Innolux Corporation in Taiwan now direct hiring factory workers, machine operators

Innolux Corporation in Tainan, Taiwan directly hires Filipinos who are willing to transfer. Those who have expiring contracts or those who laid off may apply.

Those who will apply in person must bring updated resume, ARC, passport, blue pen and transfer letter (if available).

Check below:

About Innolux:

Innolux (formerly Chimei Innolux) was formed in the 2010 merger of Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO), Innolux Display, and TPO Displays. The company makes LCD panels for a variety of applications, including LCD television sets, notebook computers, desktop monitors for PCs, and displays for mobile devices and medical equipment, among other uses.  

Innolux also makes full LCD modules for easier integration into finished products. The LCD panel market is dominated by Asia-Pacific manufacturers.

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Taiwan border control or entry restrictions cannot be relaxed at this stage of pandemic: CECC

Taiwan’s border controls will be relaxed but not at this stage of pandemic according to Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) head and health minister Chen Shih-chung.

Border control is the primary way to contain the spread of the Delta variant and that checking vaccination status is not one of Taiwan’s measures, Chen sain in a report from CNA.

Taiwan primarily relies on quarantine and testing of arrivals to contain the pandemic, the health minister added.

“This is not out of the question further down the road,” on hope that the country will open up the border but infections of the Delta variant are on the rise around the globe and containing other variants are top priority.

Meanwhile, Taiwan's current COVID-19 Level 2 alert will be extended. CECC said it still needs time to gauge the COVID-19 situation.

The CECC lowered the COVID-19 alert to Level 2 after a month of reporting fewer than 100 domestically transmitted cases per day. (Photo CNA)

Duterte may ask for supplemental budget from govt. if 'ayuda' funds insufficient


According to a Palace official, President Duterte has the option of asking Congress for a supplemental budget if government finances are insufficient to provide monetary assistance to individuals impacted by the pandemic lockdown.


For the moment term, Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque stated Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III said that government corporation income may be a potential source of financial help or "ayuda" for the impoverished and vulnerable inhabitants of Metro Manila during the lockdown period.


As the government attempts to prevent the spread of a highly infectious form of the coronavirus, the capital region will go under another two-week lockdown starting Friday, August 6. More than 10 million poor and vulnerable people in Metro Manila would get a one-time cash assistance.


“Government -owned or -controlled corporations, If there is no budget for aid, we will look for funding source. Now Secretary Dominguez of the Department of Finance said the funds will be sourced from the dividends of the GOCCs” Roque said

“If it won’t be enough, we have savings. If it is still insufficient, we will ask for a supplemental budget from Congress. We won’t run out of funds, that’s our assurance to our people,” he added.

To deal with the two-week lockdown this month, the government put aside P13 billion for the distribution of financial aid to 10.7 million poor and vulnerable individuals in Metro Manila. Each beneficiary will get P1,000, with a maximum of P4,000 per household, under the aid program.


Job Hiring: Sercomm Corp in Taiwan now direct hiring factory workers, machine operators

Company: Sercomm Corporation
Location: Miaoli, Taiwan
Products: Broadband products
Job Positions: Factory workers, Machine Operator, SMT Operator


Sercomm profile:

Sercomm Corporation (TWSE: 5388) has been committed to the development of broadband networking software and firmware. 

With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and its fully integrated engineering capability, Sercomm offers comprehensive telecom broadband solutions, and is now a global leader in the industry.  

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Broker asks OFW to pay NT$15,000 in a certain bank account before they transfer

An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Taiwan asks for help about a certain fee that they must settle before transfer to new employer.

The broker ask for NT$15,000 payment for them to issue a release paper even the OFW already finished contract or "endo."

Check below:

There will be no any amount or no fee to be paid for your former broker or to the new broker of you are about to transfer into a new employer according to Manila Economic & Cultural Office (MECO).

This is the common concerns among OFWs who are transfering to new employers where some brokers asks to pay 'something' before they leave or elae they won't issue a release paper.

For more concers about labor in Taiwan, mugrant workers may cal 1955 for inquiries and concern.


Job Hiring: K&K Foods Ltd in Taiwan now direct hiring factory workers, food processor

Company: K&K Foods Ltd
Location: Changhwa / Taoyuan, Taiwan
Products: Food products
Job Positions: Factory workers


K&K Foods Ltd profile:

K&K Foods Ltd. was established in 1987. And now be a member of OSI Group. K&K was certified by AIB International to have fulfilled the requirements of AIB Consolidated Standards for Prerequisite and Food Safety Programs. 

The company produce frozen products such as ham, sausages, chicken, bovine, fish, pork, rice and many refrigerator pouch product. We supply to most of the leading fast food companies both local and international as well as many retailers and wholesalers. 

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VIRAL: Sen. Pacquiao, nagbigay ng $100 sa isang pulubi sa U.S

Hindi lamang sa Pilipinas ang nakakilala kay Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao kundi sa buong mundo, marami ang lubos na nakakakilala sakanya lalong lalo na sa larangan ng boxing hindi lamang ang mga Pinoy ang mga humahanga sakanya kundi pati ang mga taga ibang bansa.


Biglang nag-viral ang video ni Sen. Pacquiao ng bigyan niyang pera ang isang pulubi sa Amerika, mapapansin sa video na pag bigay ng pera ni Manny nagulat ang pulubi dahil kilala niya ito at iniidolo niya si Pacquiao, ang pera ay nag kakahalaga ng $100 o Php5,000 na lubos namang ipinagpasalamat ng pulubi.


Kaya hindi maipaliwanag ang saya ng lalaki ng iabot ni sen. Many ang pera, lubos na nagpapasalamat ang pulubi sa perang ibinigay, marami naman sa mga netizens ang natuwa sa video lalo na ang mga kababayan nating Pilipino dahil tila proud na proud sa ating kapwa Pilipino na si Sen. Pacquiao.


hindi lamang ang pangalan ni Sen. Pacquiao ang dala-dala nito dahil maging ang ating bansa ay bitbit niya at talagang maipagmamalaki sa ibang bansa.


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