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Migrant workers still forced to stay at "lockdorms" even Taiwan eased restrictions to Level 2 alert

Migrant workers are still facing draconian lockdown measures or they call it "lockdorm" that rights advocates describe as “discriminatory”. 

Taiwan already eased ita restrictions and brings down the its restrictions to Level 2 alert. Still, there are several dormitories that imposes lockdorms.

Migrant workers from across Southeast Asia have seen increasingly restrictive regulations issued directly from their employers and brokers.

Many other firms that employ foreign workers have moved to protect their manufacturing capabilities by limiting employees’ freedoms.

Most workers are forced to live in dormitories that house as many as 10-12 persons in one room – bunk bed style.

As the world’s largest supplier of computer microchips, Taiwan relies heavily on foreign workers to keep up with the surging demand for consumer electronics amid a global shortage in semiconductors.

Taiwan has more than 711,000 migrant workers, mostly from the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Migrant workers account for 8 per cent of the country’s workforce and more than 60 per cent work in the industrial sector, including in the microchip industry.

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