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Taiwan should reward Olympic gold medalists with NT$100-million: Foxconn founder

Taiwanese government should increase the prize money for Olympic gold medalists by dishing out NT$100 million according to a facebook post by Foxconn founder Terry Gou.

An additional NT$10-million should also be rewarded to any Taiwanese athlete who breaks an Olympic record, Gou added.

Taiwan currently rewards NT$20 million to each Olympic gold medalist, NT$7 million to each silver medalist, and NT$5 million to each bronze medalist.

Gou suggested an Olympic gold medalist receive NT$100 million; a silver medalist NT$80 million; a bronze medalist NT$50 million; and for anyone who finishes fourth, NT$20 million.

Comment section from Terry Gou's facebook posts agreed with him mentioning that after all the hardships in training, medalists should be highly rewarded.

Taiwan ranks third in the world for its current gold medal prize of NT$20 million, Singapore’s US$1 million and Indonesia’s US$745,000 are in top.

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