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Six-month old baby, drinks coffee instead of milk due to poverty

Due to poverty, many children become malnourished due to lack of funding for their daily food. A family from Indonesia ised coffee instead of milk taken by their six month old child.

In one day, the couple earns only 20,000 Indonesian rupees or the equivalent of 50-70 pesos in the Philippines. Safiruddin and Anita work at a coconut plant.

With this kind of income, the rising price of goods, their salary is certainly insufficient for the price of milk. Even the cheapest milk cannot afford, especially with other expenses.

Anyone was concerned about the child's condition probably everyone knows milk is needed instead of coffee that may affect the child's health.

Everyday the baby consumes five glasses of coffee or 1.5 Liters and the parents said the baby is awake all day while playing at night which can be said to be the effect of coffee.

When the officer reached their condition, the Health Agency decided to personally visit the family and reach out for help for the child.  They gave the child milk and biscuits.

Local Social Welfare Officers are currently monitoring the child’s health to make sure there will be no illness and well.

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