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Job Hiring: Chen Lai Ching in Taiwan now hiring Livestock Farm Workers

Company: Chen Lai Ching Livestock Farm
Location: Taiwan
Products: Farm Products
Positions: Livestock Farm Worker.
Basic Salary: NT$27,470 + Overtime

Recruitment Agency:
First Champion & International Entertainment Inc., located at 423 Magallaness Street 5/F, JS Contractor Building, Manila, Philippines.

Primary Requirements:
1. Peos Certificate
2. E Registration
3. Valid PASSPORT 
4. UMID or SSS Certification 
5. VOTERS ID or Voters Certification
6. Diploma or TOR
7. Latest Photo 2x2 - White Background 
8. PSA Birth Certificate
9. National ID
10. Vaccination Certificate or Yellow Card

Company Information:

A livestock farm is a type of agricultural operation focused primarily on raising animals for various purposes, such as food production (meat, dairy, eggs), fiber (wool), or other byproducts. 

Livestock farms can vary in scale from small family-owned operations to large commercial enterprises. They may specialize in specific types of animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, or a combination thereof. 

These farms typically require careful management of animal health, nutrition, breeding, and facilities to ensure the welfare of the animals and the efficiency of the operation.

**This site is not a recruitment agency or agent. To apply, please visit the above-mentioned recruitment agency. Beware of illegal recruiters.



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