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Job Hiring: Phoenix Silicon International in Taiwan is now hiring Factory Workers, Production Operators

Job Summary
Company: Phoenix Silicon International Corporation 
Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Products: Semiconductor Wafer
Positions: Production Operators, Factory Workers
Contract: 3 years (Renewable by employer)
Basic Salary: NT$27,470 (P49,000) + Overtime

Recruitment Agency:
First Champion & International Entertainment Inc.,

Agency Address:  
423 Magallaness Street 5/F, JS Contractor Building, Manila, Philippines.

Primary Requirements Needed:

1. Valid Passport
2. Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) or SSS Certificate or National ID with SSS employment history contribution
3. TIN Number (Or TIN ID)
4. Voter's ID or Voter's Certificate
5. PAG-IBIG Number
6. Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS)
7. E-Registration
8. School Diploma (High School and/or College)
9. Birth Certificate ( PSA with receipt – No late registration on 21 years old and above)
10. Vaccination Certificate or Yellow Card

How to apply?
Visit the above mentioned recruitment agency and bring necessary documents o

Online Application:
Send resume online to

Company Information:

Phoenix Silicon International Corporation (PSI) is a Taiwanese company specializing in the semiconductor industry. Established in 1997, PSI focuses on providing various services related to semiconductor manufacturing, including wafer reclaim, silicon wafer thinning, and integrated circuit (IC) wafer polishing. The company's services are crucial for semiconductor fabrication processes, particularly in the reuse and processing of silicon wafers, which are fundamental components in electronic devices.

PSI plays a significant role in the semiconductor supply chain by providing essential backend services that support the manufacturing processes of major semiconductor companies. Their expertise in wafer processing helps improve efficiency and sustainability in the semiconductor industry.


*This site is not a recruitment agency nor agent, to apply please visit above mentioned recruitment agency. Bewal of illegal recruiters.

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