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Discover Heritage At 228 Peace Memorial Park And National Taiwan Museum

 Located in Zhonzheng District in downtown Taipei, 228 Peace Memorial Park is one of the great and historical parks in the small country of Taiwan. The 228 park is a memorial park dedicated to the victim of the February 28 incident. The 228 Peace Memorial Park was called in the past as Taipei Park then changed to “New Park In The Past” as this the oldest park in Taipei that was established during the Qing Dynasty.

The park is very relaxing and many place to have your photo opportunities and be amazed to structures built around the park.
The park has many visitors and tourist including local Taiwanese during weekend looking to relax. Admission to the park is free.

What happen in the February 28 incident (2/28) and its history?

According to reports, at the end of World War II and after the colonization of the Japanese in the island, they transferred the administrative governance to China. The Government of China has the opposition party which called the Kuomintang Party (KMT). The Chinese civil war leads the KMT flee from the mainland and re-establish a Chinese governance in Taipei.

Due to the economic monopoly of KMT government, on February 27, 1947 people gathered in front of a police station to protest resulting to assault and confrontation that one soldier fire into the crowd killing one. The next day, February 28, larger groups gather at Taipei Park as the government use military force to detain and arrest the protesters but resulting to hundreds with injuries and deaths. Casualties recorded range from 10,000 to 30,000.

In 1996 the park was renamed to 228 Peace Memorial Park to dedicate to the innocent people that wish for democracy in the past event. A monument have also raised into park remembering the bravery of the people.

Discovering National Taiwan Museum;

Another landmark located also at the park is the National Taiwan Museum, the oldest museum in Taiwan that was built in 1908. The museum exhibit several artifacts, heritage, culture and events of Taiwan. Entrance fee to the National Taiwan Museum is only NT30 (Php50), good for a quick stop visiting the memorial park. The museum also offer exhibition tours just ask around, local Taiwanese are very kind in assisting anyone here.

With a Greek style building with column towers, a majestic domed hall will welcome you and five exhibits will be witnessed: zoology, botany, anthropology, earth science and education that includes the Kangxi Taiwan old maps and the blue and yellow tiger flag of Republic of Formosa (now Taiwan).

Next to the main building is the museum’s Taiwan Land bank Exhibition Hall you may it shows information regarding the financial material and data of Taiwan, also in here is a replica of giant dinosaur National Taiwan museum is open from 09:00am to 05:00pm daily.

How to go there?
From Taipei Main Station, ride MRT Red line (Tamsui – Xianshan line) and get off at NTU Hospital station. It is only one station away from the main station. The park is nearby other famous landmark like Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and the Presidential Office Building.

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