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Harmony and Peace In The Mountains Of Sagada

This is a quick story of our 3 days and 2 nights adventure in the town of Sagada. We booked a tour from Travel Now Asia (Joiner’s Tour) for easy travel, we have a very good and smooth ride with a lively driver and tour guide. They pick us up in Mabalacat, Pampanga at around 10:00 in the evening of a Thursday, although the original meeting place is in Quezon City, Manila.

It is a 9 hour van ride before we reach our first destination, it is the Banaue Welcome Arc and Banaue Rice Terraces. What a piece of beauty and it is like heaven on earth landscapes.

We have our early lunch at Rock Inn and Orange Farm, pick oranges for a very small amount. We somehow pass up for the Sumaging cave due to our body is so tired, badly need a rest and sleep. After a power 2hr sleep, we roam the little cold town of Sagada, eat their traditional delicacy pinikpikan and a lemon pie (and egg pie) at Lemon Pie House. Buy some souvenirs around the area, coffee is a must. There are lots of local restaurants around, must try them all and take note almost all stores close at 09:00pm as curfew is alive here.

Sagada delicacy: Pinikpikan

Hanging coffins

The next day, we visit the Sagada Cemetery (if you are a local in Sagada you burial is free), along the way is the Echo Valley and echoes goes back when you shout. About 15mins trek up to the popular Hanging Coffins of Sagada, this is their tradition and ritual.
Egg pie and Lemon pie

Bomod-Ok Falls

A very natural and delicious yogurt was served before the trek to Bomod-Ok Falls. The trek takes 2 hours down to the falls (better trek early in the morning) and yes you have to trek up going back. Local tour guides will give you sticks to be used for trekking.

Gaia Restaurant

Kamote fries and Veggie burger

We go straight to Gaia Restaurant, That thing called tadahana, the restaurant that popularize from the movie. The restaurant serves vegetarian meals. When the tank is full we are headed to Sagada Museum where a local from the town discussed every things and artifacts inside the museum.

Jeepney ride, Sagada way

For our last day, we go up to Mt.Kiltepan early morning (around 04:30am) to catch the sunrise and sea of clouds. The weather is not fine we haven’t seen the sunrise properly and bit cloudy, fog all over the place.

Before a long ride going back home, visit and buy pasalubong at Sagada Weaving where everything are properly weaved. Bought a couple bracelet (replicating Rastaclat design). On the way, we passed by the highest peak where a vehicle can reach located in Atok, Benguet and in the afternoon also have a quick pasalubong buying in Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet.

Day 0: Thursday
10:00pm – Pick up at Mabalacat, Pampanga

Day 1: Friday
08:00am – Banaue Welcome Arc
08:30am – Banaue Rice Terraces
10:00am – Rock Orange Farm / Lunch and Orange Picking
01:00pm – Check in
02:30pm – Sumaging Cave
07:00pm – Dinner (Lemon Pie and Pinikpikan)

Day 2: Saturday
08:00am – Sagada cemetery
08:30am – Echo Valley
09:00am – Hanging Coffins
11:00am – Trek to Bomod-Ok Falls
01:00pm – Bomod-Ok Falls
04:00pm – Gaia Restaurant
05:00pm – Sagada Museum
06:00pm – Lake Danum
07:00pm – Dinner

Day 3: Sunday
05:00am – Mt.Kiltepan
09:00am – Sagada Weaving
11:00am – Highest Peak
04:00pm – Strawberry Farm / La Trinidad, Benguet
08:00pm – Mabalacat, Pampanga


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