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Migrants In Taiwan Asks For A Strict Anti-Discrimination Law

Migrant attendees and organizations on a press conference request and hope that the government of Taiwan would find a way to stop them to view the migrants as second-class citizens.

Although Taiwan already adopts the anti-discrimination law, the Ministry Of Justice is reviewing all aspects if it is necessary to adopt special law.

The agency also said that the Taiwan government already implemented handful of measures for the benefit of new immigrants. Benefits include care services, development fund and social welfare services to name few.

The Ministry of Interior of Taiwan pledged NT$320million budget dedicated for the new immigrants and this budget is well handled according to the rules and regulation of the country.

If Migrants Workers Seeks For Help..

OFW may go directly to any offices of Manila Economic and Cultural Office located in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung. The Philippines office representative in Taiwan will refer any appeal to the Ministry of Labor.

The Ministry Of Labor also set up a 24 hour consultation and protection hotline “1955” for any complaint, the consultation is available in native language of foreign / migrant worker.

Any foreign or migrant worker in Taiwan who encounter disagreements within their labor contract or labor rights may go directly to Ministry Of Labor or Foreign Workers Consultation Service Center of each County for assistance. There are currently 22 Foreign Workers Consultation Service Centers around Taiwan that have bilingual consultation personnel (English, Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese).


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