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Revenue, Net Income Goes Up And Down For The Popular Taiwan Companies Among Filipinos

When Filipino job hunters looks for jobs in the Philippines going to Taiwan, they search for best company. Although same in basic salary, this companies differ in every aspects. Companies that give better benefits, allowances, bonus, a good dormitory to name a few. Also finished contract overseas filipino workers (OFW) are also studying how every company is perferming so that when they head back home, they know where to apply. 

Walsin, Vanguard, Chipmos Soars On Profit, Net Income And Revenue

Walsin Technology Corporation, Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation and Chipmos Technology Corporation have seen its profits, net income and revenue soars according to published reports. Reports shown that these three companies have doubled their revenues. More revenues meaning more production and customer needs, strong demands of the company services results to big earnings.

Walsin a passive components  supplier boosted strong earning and buyback plans. While its rival Yageo Corporation (same product) slows down. Main products includes multiple-layer ceramic chip (MLCC) capacitor, chip-resistor, RF components, disc capacitor, varistor, inductor and chip fuse.

Wafer demands and Factory utilization makes Vanguard earning rise. The strong demand of the 8 inch wafer foundry for making integrated chips as the company also looking to expand its wafer fabrication factory.

Chipmos tripled its earning due to the strong demands of LCD driver IC clients. The assembly and testing service ability of the company contributes to its total earnings.

Big earning of companies makes stable job for local and migrant workers. Strong demands means good working environment and settings.

Big Companies of Cather, Pegatron, Yageo, Chunghua Presicion Test Slows Down

Bigger companies Catcher Technology, Pegatron Corporation, Yageo Corporation and Chunghwa Precision Test has a season of slow down this year. Though a little bit of struggle doesn’t mean that these companies are not good.

Catcher Technology supplies light metal casings and enclosures for Apple’s Iphones, Ipads and MacBooks saw a net income drop. It is due to higher taxes and lower foreign-exchange gains. The company downplays the weak demands for its customer, the new Apple Iphone XR. Still expected to rise in the coming quarters as the holiday season comes in.

Pegatron Corporation and Yageo Corporation slows down as its clients struggle with large inventories after Chinese demand drops due to trade dispute between US and China. Both companies set to move their China factory to other location to continue their production. Yageo now investing to Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Dafa Industrial Park) to continue its core production while Pegatron studying to move overseas. Both company insists that all of their manufacturing factories are running in full capacity.

Chungwa Precision Test, Taiwan’s largerst provider of probe card testing services report a decline on its net profit. Although according to its research and development team, it has fixed the problem and ready to pick up in the next quarters.

Every company's gain and loss always affects to its employees. All of the companies mentioned above have just finished hiring or have an upcoming interview in the Philippines for Filipinos. Position needed were Production and machine operators, engineers and technician. 

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