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Will The Philippines Largest Food Chain Make A Comeback In Taiwan?

On a post written in Chinese stating that Jollibee the largest food chain in the Philippines has its interests back to Taiwan. According to the post, a Philippine representative already sent a letter to Taiwan Franchise Promotion Association that will look for a partner to stand a Jollibee fast food in Taiwan.

Although no location is brought to the post, a picture of menu which includes fried chickens and French fries are seen. Filipinos in Taiwan are getting to the hype that the food chain will make a comeback.

See below for the Chinese post and its translation in English.

Chinese post:

台灣連鎖加盟促進協會 02-25235118 分機119 周芳宇主任 分機117劉懿瑤襄理”

Translated in English;
“The Philippine brand Jollibee (Happy Bee), through the representative office in the Philippines, sent a letter to the Taiwan Franchise Promotion Association to find Taiwan's cooperative partners. Jollibee is the largest local fast food group in the Philippines, with more than 200 overseas branches. It is spread all over the Middle East, the United States, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and other countries. It has open a new branch in Milan and London this year. The group will set up a base for overseas evaluation, and the population of the Philippines must reach more than 10,000 people, currently Taiwan has 150,000 Filipino population in Taiwan, very suitable for the development of the brand to Taiwan, welcome companies who want to know more, welcome to call (Taiwan Franchise Promotion Association 02-25235118 Extension 119).”

Filipinos expressing their excitement over this post and are hoping that somehow it will considered since Filipinos have the 3rd largest of migrants in Taiwan.

(images firom Jollibee Taiwan Facebook Page)

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  1. "為該地區菲國人口須達10萬人以上"

    "the population of the Philippines must reach more than 10,000 people" - this is a wrong translation.

    10萬 is 100,000, not 10,000 as in your post above. That is an atrocious mistake.


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