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Taichung City In Taiwan Scraps CCTV Cameras That Are Made In China

The city government of Taichung said that it will replace all surveillance cameras in their underground passageways after they knew that the cameras were made in China.

Taiwan has been cautious on Chinese technology and devices as majority suspects regarding the security threat given by the Chinese information technology firms.

CCTV or surveillance cameras found in Taichung underpasses and five different intersections are products made by Hikvision Digital Technology, a state controlled company in China.

The use of different Chinese brands in Taichung City now all being banned. The city will replace all scrapped Chinese made CCTV cameras with different technology brand.


Dine And Drink At The High Altitude Bar Called The Roof 190 In Yilan

The Cncyue Hot Spring Resort Hotel is currently the tallest building in Luodong Township in Yilan, Taiwan. It uses the geographical advantage to create the high-altitude bar THE ROOF 190 located on the top floor of the hotel.

The Roof 190 is divided into outdoor and indoor seating areas, visitors are free to choose their seatings though the best seat if outside due to its great panoramic view of the area. The 360-degree beautiful view of Yilan night view is spectacular and beautiful that guarantees any vistors the feeling of amazement.

The night lights are mixed up into the bright stars sparkling around, letting visitors immerse themselves in the night and linger on. The hotel is not as big like the ones in the cities that are high-rise buildings.

There is a minumum value of order for non-tenant of the hotel which is NT$200 which is definitely not so expensive. There are a variety of bartenders in the bar, the drinks include alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, several juices and delicous dishes.

The best time to visit is at late afternoon to witness the beautiful sunset and the bright lights during night time starts to pop up.

Located on the rooftop of Cncyue Hot Spring Resort, The Roof 190 address at No. 190, East Station Road, Luodong Town, Yilan County. Business hours of the high altitude bar starts at 04:00pm until 12midnight.


Experience The European Dream In Chateau De Olliere In Taiwan

Nantou's "Chateau De Olliere" is a well known attraction due to its design of a classic european castle.  The place is very suitable for family and children to come and take lots of good pictures.

Chateau De Olliere has four different styles of European castles in its vicinity. The sorrounding also consists of thousands of pines and beautiful garden landscapes. 

There are angel fountains, dream corridors, pure white pavilions, each is the best european scene. Children can walk around the park and may enjoy talking to the parrots too, pelicans and fishes are also present.

Not only outdoor, but also the indoor palace as it does have lots if decoration, you may experience like a nobleman enjoying the luxury style. You can also arrange to stay at the castle and enjoy the European aristocratic level of accommodation.

Chateau De Olliere is in the top 10 luxury B&B in Taiwan for CNN. Every place in the park is full of European style and is hidden in the mountains, beautiful scenery and relaxing nature.

You can also arrange a night to stay in the hotel to experience the aristocratic life or opt to just visit the park and have lots of pictures inside and outside the hotel. Tickets for the park are NT$150, there are discounts for children which are 100cm and below. The fee will return as a voucher that can be used to buy stuffs in their restaurant.

Address: No. 27, Liyu 1st Lane, Puli Township, Nantou, Taiwan, 545


Filed: Second Bill Seeking To Ban Single-Use Plastic Products In The Philippines

The second bill seeking to ban the single-use plastic products in the Philippines has been filed in the senate by recently top vote getter Senator Cynthia Villar. The Senate Bill No. 333 or called the Single-Use Plastic Product Regulation Act of 2019.

The filed bill pursues to control the manufacturing, importation and use of single-use plastic products. This is the same bill filed previously by Senator Francis Pangilinan with the Senate Bill No.40 r the Single-Use Plastics Regulation and Management Act of 2019.

Though different in title, both bill have almost identical description to conserve nature and go for green. In Villar’s bill, she proposed that the issuance of single-use plastics by establishments, stores, markets will be prohibited.

The bill also prohibits the importation of the single-use plastics and will create a Special Fund for Single-use Plastic Regulation for collected tariffs, levies and fees.

The collected funds will be use for recycling centers, assistance and incentives for manufacturers and community based initiatives for the reduction of single use plastics.

Senator Cynthia Villar also retain the position as the chairperson of committee on environment and natural resources in the 18th congress. The Philippines is the third world’s largest producer of plastic wastes according to research.


Photo Ops With Garfield On Its 40th Anniversary At CKS Memorial Hall In Taipei

Garfield's 40th Anniversary Special Exhibition displayed in the tourist spot of downtown Taipei at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. 

There is a giant maze and 20 large Garfield dolls with its super charm is deeply immersed in it. 

In 1978, Garfield was born under the creativity of American artist Jim Davis. Although Garfield has the appearance of a cat, it has more human thoughts and personalities. This is also the most attractive thing for Garfield.  

The comics, Garfield's interaction with the owner and other companions fully reflect its uniqueness. It is also because of this cat-like personality. 

The event will last until September 15, 2019, open daily from 10:00am to 06:00pm with 05:30pm last entry. Tickets amounted at NT$300. Visit Garfield's 40th Anniversary located at CKS Memorial Hall 2nd and 3rd Hall (Address: 100 Zhongshan South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City).


Gaming Addiction Now Listed By WHO As Disease and Disorder

World Health Organization (WHO) have officially listed gaming addiction as a disease and disorder. Gaming disorder is included in the latest revision of the International Classification of Diseases.

Gaming addiction specially problematic gaming likely affect a human mental health conditions like depression, anxiety disorders, stress and others.

WHO characterized gaming disorder by impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other interests and daily activities. In other words, gaming is the only priority than any other daily activities.

Though video game industry do not welcome the decision of WHO to include gaming addiction as a disorder and have issued a statement that gaming has personal benefits. The gaming industry added that the empirical basis of gaming disorder is challenged but uses non-empirical claims.

Studies suggest that gaming disorder affects only a small proportion of people who engage in digital- or video-gaming activities according to WHO. People who partake in gaming should be alert to the amount of time they spend on gaming activities.


Relax And Experience The First Bubble Bath Cinema In Taiwan

How about having a movie while you are outside and in the bathtub?  Hotel Cham Cham in Tainan launched the first "open-air bubble bath cinema" in Taiwan as it brings the guests to a cool new experience. Each bubble bathtub can accommodate up to 4-6 people.

In addition, the bubble bath cinema also builds  a lazy coconut pool nearby, allowing guests to enjoy the island holiday without flying where the bubbke bath cinema mostly can experienced in Japan, Korea or Europe.

It is located in the mountains of the Zengwen Reservoir, where travelers can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Xushan Mountain.  As soon as you step into the hotel, you will be greeted by a lively atmosphere. The colourful hall also features a super-bright transparent swing, with a brightly lit rest area and a high-chair bar.  

The hotel restaurant will prepare snacks, drinks and towels and according to the hotel management, you can feel the international level of bliss and summer activities at less than half of Japan's price.

The bubble bath can be adjusted its temperature depends in your type of heat or cold. Hotel tenants can also free play in the outside activities like free fall and high-altitude walks. Though walk-in for the activities are also welcome just to experience the fun.

The first Taiwanese bubble bath cinema in Tainan, while taking a bath and watching movies is super relaxing. 

To experience it, visit 趣淘漫旅台南 Hotel Cham Cham at No. 102-5, Mizhi, Mizhili, Nanxi District, Tainan City, Taiwan 715, (Address in Chinese: Tainan City, Nanxi District, 密枝里密枝102-5號)

Ohana Café Where Relaxing Nature And Good Food Meets Purple In Taiwan

Are you a fan of purple, violet or lavender? The this café in Xihu Township in Miaoli County, Taiwan is for you. The name of the shop us Ohana Café and the theme of the café is purple which inspire self-reflection and self-awareness.

Visit the instagramable purple love umbrellas, oversized piano, a purple love hut, pink-purple trail, love corridor, happy candy house and lot of eye catchy landscapes as the the whole place is the purple atmosphere. The café best share with friends and family, couples are good too.

Ohana Café has entrance fee of NT$100 (P165) but the NT$50 will return to the customer as a voucher in their shop / restaurant which you can buy a souvenir, food or drinks. Children under 100cm are free of charge.

The place has a cool ambiance and nature at its best and its café has very friendly staff paired with good food at a reasonable price. The best time to go is in the morning to have solo posing and avoid the crowds during late afternoon.

The café is open on weekdays (Monday, Thursday and Friday) and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 09:00am to 06:00pm. The café is off during Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Store Name: Ohana Cafe (Cafe name in Chinese: 噢哈娜咖啡屋) Ohana Cafe address: 368, Miaoli County, Xihu Township, 金獅村2鄰金獅18-5號

How to get there?

Option 1: Ride TRA or HSR train up to Miaoli Train Station and grab a taxi, just show the Chinese address, fare is around 300-350 one way.

Option 2: Ride TRA or HSR train up to Miaoli Train Station, from there ride bus 5815 near the train station and get off at Library Stop and walk for 5-10mins going to the café.

Discover And Feel Feesh At The Full Bloom Of Pink Lotus Farm In Taichung

The "Jiang Hehua Farm" in Taichung covers a good amount of area of plants with nearly 15,000 pink lotus. The place surely attract a large number of locals and tourists to enjoy flowers during the flowering of Pink Lotus from June to October every year.

The best way to visit the farm is in the afternoon sun. The sea of flowers adds a romantic atmosphere, as if in a European garden.

The pink lotus are native from Thailand and is also known as the "Tropical Tulip" because it looks like a tulip and a lotus flower. It is known as a tropical flower for many years. 

Pink lotus are suitable for growing in a warm and humid climate that is why they blood during the summer days in Taiwan. 

Visitors can take a close look at the field. In order to keep the park clean, there is a minimum entrance fee that costs NT$30 per person and you can also buy flowers for home decoration for NT$100 per bouquet.

Pink lotus are currently in full bloom and it is more beautiful in person than you can ever imagine. The flowers will continue to bloom beutifully as days pass by, families, friends and couples will definitely enjoy the place with abundant of photo opportunities in the flower farm.

Waipu Jiang Hehua Farm(Farm name in Chinese: 外埔薑荷花農場)
Visit fee: NT$30 for farm maintenance
Farm Address: No. 26, Liuzhixiang Road, Waipu District, Taichung City, Taiwan
(Farm address in Chinese: 台中市外埔區六支巷路26號)

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