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Construction Workers Seen Giving Respect To “Lupang Hinirang” While At Scaffoldings

When we are in grade school, our teachers shows and teach us what to do when there is a flag raising ceremony at school or any other establishments. Stand up, hand on left chest and sing the Philippine national anthem.

Three construction workers were seen giving respect to the national flag during the flag raising ceremony of San Gabriel Elementary School in Novaliches, Quezon City. The construction workers even stands up in the scaffolding with hands on the chest.

The photo is currently circulating in social media uploaded by netizen Aaron Nino Occidental, the photo was captured by her mother Froilin Joy Occidental during the Nutrition Month celebration of the school. The workers stop working and stand when they hear the “Lupang Hinirang”.

According to Aaron, he uploaded the picture to give inspiration to every Filipino citizen that no matter what is the status of living, we must give respect to our national flag and national anthem. The construction workers earn abundant of praise from netizens nationwide.

His mother take the photo while doing the same thing but it’s the other hand that use in capturing because the scene of the construction workers is very inspiring.


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