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Experience The European Dream In Chateau De Olliere In Taiwan

Nantou's "Chateau De Olliere" is a well known attraction due to its design of a classic european castle.  The place is very suitable for family and children to come and take lots of good pictures.

Chateau De Olliere has four different styles of European castles in its vicinity. The sorrounding also consists of thousands of pines and beautiful garden landscapes. 

There are angel fountains, dream corridors, pure white pavilions, each is the best european scene. Children can walk around the park and may enjoy talking to the parrots too, pelicans and fishes are also present.

Not only outdoor, but also the indoor palace as it does have lots if decoration, you may experience like a nobleman enjoying the luxury style. You can also arrange to stay at the castle and enjoy the European aristocratic level of accommodation.

Chateau De Olliere is in the top 10 luxury B&B in Taiwan for CNN. Every place in the park is full of European style and is hidden in the mountains, beautiful scenery and relaxing nature.

You can also arrange a night to stay in the hotel to experience the aristocratic life or opt to just visit the park and have lots of pictures inside and outside the hotel. Tickets for the park are NT$150, there are discounts for children which are 100cm and below. The fee will return as a voucher that can be used to buy stuffs in their restaurant.

Address: No. 27, Liyu 1st Lane, Puli Township, Nantou, Taiwan, 545


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