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Filed: Second Bill Seeking To Ban Single-Use Plastic Products In The Philippines

The second bill seeking to ban the single-use plastic products in the Philippines has been filed in the senate by recently top vote getter Senator Cynthia Villar. The Senate Bill No. 333 or called the Single-Use Plastic Product Regulation Act of 2019.

The filed bill pursues to control the manufacturing, importation and use of single-use plastic products. This is the same bill filed previously by Senator Francis Pangilinan with the Senate Bill No.40 r the Single-Use Plastics Regulation and Management Act of 2019.

Though different in title, both bill have almost identical description to conserve nature and go for green. In Villar’s bill, she proposed that the issuance of single-use plastics by establishments, stores, markets will be prohibited.

The bill also prohibits the importation of the single-use plastics and will create a Special Fund for Single-use Plastic Regulation for collected tariffs, levies and fees.

The collected funds will be use for recycling centers, assistance and incentives for manufacturers and community based initiatives for the reduction of single use plastics.

Senator Cynthia Villar also retain the position as the chairperson of committee on environment and natural resources in the 18th congress. The Philippines is the third world’s largest producer of plastic wastes according to research.


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