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Foreign Workers “Contributed Nothing” Claimed By Opposition Leader Of Korea

Liberty Korea Party (KLP) opposition leader Hwang Kyo-ahn claimed that foreign workers or migrant workers in Korea “contribute nothing” that is why he is pushing to separate the salary from local Koreans and lessen the minimum wage for foreign workers.

"Foreigners have not contributed to our country (South Korea) in the past. I don't think it is fair to maintain the same level of wages in mathematical terms for these foreigners." Hwang said, quited from Korea Times.

He raised that the different minimum wage system for foreign workers during the meeting with the small and medium companies in Busan, South Korea. He said that it is unfair to subject both Koreans and foreign migrant workers on same minimum wage system.

Hwang’s remark made lots of controversies as he violate Korea’s Labor Standards Act and the International Labor Organization Convention No.111 which vetoes any kinds of discrimination on the origin of any nationality, religion, gender and social status.

There were 840,000 foreign workers in Korea that contributed 86.7 trillion won ($74.2 billion) in economic value in a whole year according to a report from IOM Migration Research & Training Center. Lower wage for foreign workers may affect working condition and productivity as per the ruling party.

Though the opposition leader retreated his controversial claim that it is only use to criticize the current government and not to discriminate foreign workers but to fix the side effects of rapid hikes minimum wage. He also said that Korea still needs more foreign migrant workers, yet, no word of apology or regrets over his remark.


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