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Gaming Addiction Now Listed By WHO As Disease and Disorder

World Health Organization (WHO) have officially listed gaming addiction as a disease and disorder. Gaming disorder is included in the latest revision of the International Classification of Diseases.

Gaming addiction specially problematic gaming likely affect a human mental health conditions like depression, anxiety disorders, stress and others.

WHO characterized gaming disorder by impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other interests and daily activities. In other words, gaming is the only priority than any other daily activities.

Though video game industry do not welcome the decision of WHO to include gaming addiction as a disorder and have issued a statement that gaming has personal benefits. The gaming industry added that the empirical basis of gaming disorder is challenged but uses non-empirical claims.

Studies suggest that gaming disorder affects only a small proportion of people who engage in digital- or video-gaming activities according to WHO. People who partake in gaming should be alert to the amount of time they spend on gaming activities.


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