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Napoli Pizza And Chicken Store Opens First Specialty Store In Capital Taipei

Restaurant Napoli is one of the famous fast food chain in Taiwan with its affordable pizza and fried chicken. The positive results and review decided the franchise to expand to a 'fried chicken specialty store' in Taipei, its first in the city.

Its first official fried chicken specialty restaurant in the Capital Taipei and is located near the Zhongshan Elementary School MRT station in Zongshan District. The store boosts its own menu apart from the other Napoli store. It has several and new dishes like Kala fried Chicken and Crispy Skin Friend Chicken other than their pizzas and regular fried chicken.

Specialty shop Napoli in Taipei also includes three fried chicken flavors that includes Mixed Spices, Sprinkled Powder and Brush Sauce. Chicken can be ordered in two, six or nine pieces as like other Napoli chains, the new store also offer new menu of desserts.
Screenshot: Menu from Napoli's Website
The Napoli Friend Chicken store in Taipei is located at 13 Nongan Street, Zonsghan District with business hours 11am – 09:30pm. Another new Napoli store also opens in Taoyuan City as Napoli Fried Chicken Store Taoai Store.

Travelling around Taipei can be so tired with lots of walking, Napoli is one of the favorites of Filipinos working in Taiwan and has a lot of positive feedbacks and OFW compare the Napoli chicken with Philippines' Jollibee.


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