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New Pangolin Dome Of Taipei Zoo Now Open For Visitors

The Taipei Zoo has been planning, designing and implementing the Pangolin Dome since 2006. After the move to the Muzha area in Taipei, the work required to renew the decree and the introduction of animals and plants have been completed. 

After 13 years, the Tropical Rainforest Indoor Pavilion which also called the Pangolin Dome finally was opened on July 9, 2019 and it was opened for tourists to visit before the summer vacation.

The "Tropical Rainforest Indoor Pavilion" consists of six outdoor activity areas and an indoor pavilion designed with pangolin desifn as the steel structure. A 'Pangolin' is a tropical rainforest species in South America is mainly used to enrich the species of rainforest in the park.  

At present, there are many endangered or endangered species listed in the National Conservation Foundation, such as Borneo Orangutan, Brown Spider Monkey, Cotton-headed Marmoset, Finger Monkey, Three-line Turtle and Horse.  

Alligators, including many species, were introduced through the European Endangered Species Conservation Program, confirming the efforts of the Taipei Zoo to actively participate in international animal conservation.

In addition, the park also has a healing capybara, a slow-moving tree shrew, and a long-lost night action museum, a shishi monkey, a thick-tailed dwarf lemur, and a small lazy monkey ready to meet with the visitors.  

(Source: Taipei Zoo)

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