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Ohana Café Where Relaxing Nature And Good Food Meets Purple In Taiwan

Are you a fan of purple, violet or lavender? The this café in Xihu Township in Miaoli County, Taiwan is for you. The name of the shop us Ohana Café and the theme of the café is purple which inspire self-reflection and self-awareness.

Visit the instagramable purple love umbrellas, oversized piano, a purple love hut, pink-purple trail, love corridor, happy candy house and lot of eye catchy landscapes as the the whole place is the purple atmosphere. The café best share with friends and family, couples are good too.

Ohana Café has entrance fee of NT$100 (P165) but the NT$50 will return to the customer as a voucher in their shop / restaurant which you can buy a souvenir, food or drinks. Children under 100cm are free of charge.

The place has a cool ambiance and nature at its best and its café has very friendly staff paired with good food at a reasonable price. The best time to go is in the morning to have solo posing and avoid the crowds during late afternoon.

The café is open on weekdays (Monday, Thursday and Friday) and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 09:00am to 06:00pm. The café is off during Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Store Name: Ohana Cafe (Cafe name in Chinese: 噢哈娜咖啡屋) Ohana Cafe address: 368, Miaoli County, Xihu Township, 金獅村2鄰金獅18-5號

How to get there?

Option 1: Ride TRA or HSR train up to Miaoli Train Station and grab a taxi, just show the Chinese address, fare is around 300-350 one way.

Option 2: Ride TRA or HSR train up to Miaoli Train Station, from there ride bus 5815 near the train station and get off at Library Stop and walk for 5-10mins going to the café.

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