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P30,531 Monthly Base Pay For Filipino Nurses To Push By Senator Gordon

Senator Richard Gordon is pushing for higher for Filipino nurses on a monthly minimum wage P30,531. The senator also promised to protect the right of the nurses in his speech in the last 45th Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting of the Operation Room Nurses Association of the Philippines.

A provision in republic Act No. 9173, or called the Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 that Filipino nurses in public health institutions should get a minimum base pay of P30,531 per month or the Salary Grade 15.

Currently, an entry level nurse only receive P8,000 to P13,500 on a monthly basis which is very low and is the main reason why Filipino skilled nurses choose to go abroad for a better pay.

Senator Gordon promised to the nurses to get their “just compensation” and he also understand their status as a chairman of the Philippine Red Cross and he states that nurses are important to public health.

“The government promised them SG 15 but they have not attained that until now. That’s wrong. Once you pass the exam, it is the duty of the government to give you opportunities. I will lead you to lobby that in the Senate. The noisy wheel gets the oil. Nurses are precious,” according to Senator Gordon.

According to some officials, local nurses in local government unit (LGU-run hospitals ) had already leaving the current post to join the Nurse Deployment Project of DOH.

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  1. Sir hindi lg Sana sa nurses pti sna sa lahat ng mga nsa health care like me I am a medtech.. Naubos N rin po kmi kc we choose to go abrod.. We have physical therapists, midwives, health aiders.. Sna po mbigyn nmn kmi ng mataas na sahod.. Iba pa rin po kc nsa sariling Bayan.. At were dealing with lives.. Sna po taasan ang sahod nmen jan..


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