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President Duterte To Put Recruitment Agencies Under Government Supervision

President Duterte has ordered to put all recruitment of Filipino workers for an overseas job to be placed under the control and supervision of the Philippine government. This is what he wants to do on his speech given during the thanksgiving event of OFWs.

To go under the government’s control is to put the migrant workers from those abusive recruitment agencies. This is to go under the proposed plan of new government agency called Department of OFW.

“Bawal na ang recruitment sa labas. Kung gusto nila...under the supervision of government and walang horrendous charges, hindi ako papayag nang ganoon,” Duterte said.

“That kind of mechanism of recruiting Filipino workers abroad has been abused and abused and abused. Mga kababayan ko puro biktima, puro kawawa,” he added.

"Kayong mga recruitment (agency), bilang (na) ang mga araw 'nyo. 'Pag hindi ko kayo nadala sa usapan na maganda, brasuhan tayo. 'Pag nagbrasuhan tayo, kayo ang matatalo," as the president throws his warning to the recruitment agencies.

Labor secretary Bello clarified that the statement of the president is to put the recruitment agencies on a very strict and close look of their activities specially on the recruitment and payment process that will be under the watch of the Philippine government.

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