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Shirts, Jeans, Shoes, Jackets Sold For NT$20 In This Ukay-Ukay Store In Hsinchu

How about buying a cheap stuff or items and at the same time helping a charity association? This ukay-ukay (RTW) shop in North District of Hsinchu, Taiwan is for you. Filipinos love ukay-ukay due to cheap items can be as good like the one in malls that have expensive amount.

The Hsinchu City Spinal Cord Injury Association has been successful in retailing their 2nd hand clothes and sometimes there are brand new ones. 

For a cheap grab, a shirt, jeans, stuff toys, jackets and even some shoes can bought as low as NT$20 and other items or stuffs priced at NT$10. Women’s clothing are the most popular one, make sure to go the store minutes before it opens.

The Association’s members collect old clothes from various places like enterprises, firms, companies which are on a form of donation. After collecting, they clean, dry and segregate stuffs, there are even brand new clothes and signature stuff being donated.

The items when sold will help the Hsinchu City Spinal Cord Injury Association patients that will be very helpful to its members and also used as emergency relief. Their customers are mostly Taiwanese mothers and foreign migrant workers specially Filipinos.

With NT$100 you can buy a good 2 to 4 items in the shop, there are also items which are brand new signature clothing with label tags are still attached for also a cheap price. Have patience digging in and for sure you will find that cheap treasure.

The store is open Monday to Saturday from 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm, the store address is No. 2, Alley 21, Lane 22, Tianmeisan Street, North District, Hsinchu City (Store name/place: 社團法人新竹市脊髓損傷者協會 / 希望之愛二手衣鋪Address in Chinese: 新竹市區北區天美三街22巷21弄2號)


  1. Sana open din sila ng sunday para kaming may work gang sabado e makapunta rin.


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