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Tasty Blue Java Banana Feels Like Eating A Delicious Vanilla Ice Cream

Blue java bananas are not your ordinary regular banana in daily life, the color of these blue java bananas start out bluish or blue green before they ripen. Blue java bananas are also known as “ice cream bananas”.

They are called ice cream bananas has a flavor of a vanilla ice cream or vanilla pudding with creamy texture on a soft serve. These bananas are creamier and fluffier than a regular banana.

The blue java bananas are growing in places like Hawaii (Hawaiian banana in Fiji), various parts of Central America and Southeast Asian regions which can also found in Philippines (known as Krie to Filipinos) which are known to be more fruitful in tropical climates. 

A small blue java banana plant takes up to nine months before it bear fruits. The blue java banana trees can survive both hot and cold climate up to -7degrees Celcuis as long as its trees gets the right amount of sunlight. 


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