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What Can The “Employment ARC Gold Card” Do For Foreign Nationals In Taiwan?

The Taiwan Employment ARC Gold Card is part of the Act for the Recruitment of Foreign Professionals in Taiwan. This act of the Taiwan government is to attract several skilled foreign workers outside of Taiwan so that labor shortage can be filled up.

Qualified foreign nationals can apply for the Gold Card under the field of Science & Technology (Engineering), Education (Teacher, Professors), Economy, Finance, Culture & Arts, Sports, Law, Architectural Design and others.

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The Taiwan Employment ARC Gold Card is a promoted 4 in 1 ID card that can do the following:

1. Act as a resident visa that you can use as your right to legally reside in Taiwan

2. Act as an ID or Alien Resident Card that you can use as identification while residing in Taiwan

3. Use as multiple entry permit that will allow you to leave and enter the country whenever you wish

4. Use as open work permit as it allows the holder to work for any employer in Taiwan without needing to sponsor an employment visa.

Technically the 4th reason is the best one in acquiring an Employment ARC Gold Card in Taiwan, is such way, any holder can apply to any employer without the need of a employment visa. Everyone knows that Taiwan is strict when it comes to labor laws.

The Ministry of Labor of Taiwan is allowing the Gold Card holder to be essentially have the same working rights like the Taiwan citizens. The process in acquiring a Gold Card is handled by the National Immigration Agency by using their online portal which can be viewed inside and outside of Taiwan.

The initiative of the Gold Card is to entice more foreign skilled worker to work in Taiwan. Certain documents must uploaded depends on the field of specialty as basic requirements like passport, passport photos and other personal details. The Employment ARC Gold Card will surely help if you are a foreign skilled worker in Taiwan.


  1. How about the Caretaker is not Qualified to get an ARC gold id?

  2. how about the factory worker ? are they qualified to get an ARC GOLD ?

  3. How about forklift operator or machine operator,are we qualified also to get a gold arc?

  4. How about caretaker working 14yrs in 1 employer not qualified to apply Golden Arc?

  5. who will be the one to process the application of the gold card, the worker or the employer?

  6. how about caretaker can apply gold boss willing to pay any amount


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