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911 TESDA: Grab- Like Function That Pay For Services From TESDA Graduates

911 TESDA will get you services from Technical Education and Skill Development (TESDA) graduates like hair dresser, masseur, housekeeper, mechanic, cook, bartending and many other in just few clicks on your mobile phone.

Initially the 911 TESDA is web based and soon to have smartphone application. It is basically like the app from UBER or GRAB, but instead of car rides, the customer would ask for service from TESDA graduates.

This hailing services will help the TESDA graduates to find employment of livelihood opportunities as TESDA emphasizes its mandate to give education and training.

Seven digital online service providers signed partnership with TESDA for the app. There were at least 42,000 needing the services of TESDA graduates in NCR according to TESDA.

For example, if someone needs a hair dresser, the digital online service providers will look of the nearest hair dresser TESDA graduate around the area and notify its location.

Currently the application already launched in NCR, and will soon expand when it deemed to be successful. Click here to enter 911 TESDA.


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