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Boy Takes Photo Of Mother To The Highest Mountain In Taiwan To Fulfill His Promise

Zhou Ze-gang, a 8-year old boy from Yilan County in Taiwan fulfilled a promise he made to her mother before she passed away due to an illness. The promise? climbing Mt. Yushan, the highest mountain in Taiwan (3,952 meters above sea level), as reported by Central News Agency.

When his mother Chang Lan-qi told him about Mt. Yushan, he has high hope that one day his mother would  take him to its peak.

However, the boy’s mother told him, “I had surgery in my foot, and couldn’t go hiking. After you grow up and have an opportunity to climb Yushan, take a photo of me to the top of the mountain,” and the boy signify his agreement and as a promise, according to CNA.

The sad news is the boy’s mother died due to illness, but he always remember the promise he made to his mother and would ask his father, “Mommy has been in Heaven. Yushan is so high, and if I go to the top of the mountain, maybe I’ll be closer to Mommy,”

According to the father, he was very moved and he decided to help the child to its dream, he train him for physical strength and apply continuously to queue up for Yushan and finally granted to go up.

During their hike to the summit, the boy suffered from altitude sickness which is life threatening, as his father tell him to give up the trek and come back some other time, but the boy insisted and continue trekking.

Upon reaching the summit he said “Mommy, here I come, closer to you in Heaven. How are you?" eight-year-old said that at Taiwan's highest peak while holding the beautiful photos of his mother.

Hiking the highest peak in Taiwan is indeed a challenge specially for a 8 year old boy but his promise and love to his mother makes him more stronger.

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