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China Based Huawei Plans To Set Up Manufacturing Site In Taiwan

Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technology reportedly has big plans to establish a manufacturing site in Taiwan according to the general manager of Xunwei Technology, the main distributor of Huawei in Taiwan.

The general manager claimed that Huawei will play a very important role in the future development of Taiwan’s electronics industry but details are still confidential. Though it will bring its alleged security concerns that sorround Huawei.

Huawei plans to purchase some companies in Taiwan to expand its manufacturing base. The manager is confidenct that Huawei will play a major role in Taiwan’s 5G rollout as soon as early 2020.

The statements came at the time when the current administration in Taiwan is preparing the list of black listed products made ng Chinese telecoms, which includes Huawei.

Since Google have not lifting the ban, Huawei already introduced its new operating system called Harmony OS. It is reported that the new Mate series will have the first taste of Harmony OS.

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