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Dig In A Set Of Fresh Seafood and Beer For A Cheap Price At Seafood Beer Festival In Keelung

The Starlight Harbor Seafood Beer Festival will be held at the Baduozi Tourist Fishing Port in Keelung on the afternoon of August 31st. The fishery will launch a limited edition of 2,000 seafood combos of fresh mixes, each set of serving will only cost NT$200.

The Keelung Fisheries Association said that the seafood combo of fresh combination includes crispy golden crab, freshly boiled pork rolls, gold tempura and a 330ml bottle of beer where each set costs NT$200 each. 

There will be music performances and play areas on the spot and beer cup competitions. Sales of seafood sets begins at 16:30 on the 31st. Enjoy food and beer on a affordable price.

If going with children, there is a children's play area in the area, which provides large air cushion slides, children's remote control electric cars, small electric bumper cars, children's bicycles which are for rent.

Baduozi Tourist Fishing Port is located at No. 211, Beining Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City, 202 (Chinese address: 基隆市中正區北寧路211號202)

(Photos from LTN and Keelung Fishery Association)

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