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Enjoy Nature And Experience The Old Mountain Rail Bike Of Miaoli In Taiwan

Miaoli county’s “old mountain rail bike” system already begins its operation on summer. Cyclist of the railway line will definitely enjoy the scenic view in an environmentally friendly and healthy way.

The rail bike system allows both local or tourist to ride a four-seat, pedal-powered electric (same form of e-bike) rail cars which is placed along the former “Old Mountain Line” railway line. The Old Mountain Line Railway Bicycle Station is located in front of the Longteng Broken Bridge.

The rail bike system has three routes, the total cost is good for four persons riding together: 

Route A: costs NT$275 and runs for 8km from Shengsing Station to the bridge foundations at Yutengping

Route B: costs NT$220 and runs for 7.2km from Longteng Station to Shengsing Station

Route C: costs NT$275 and runs for 4.8km from Longteng Station to the north exit of tunnel No. 6

If your wallet is full, best to try all routes and enjoy the pace of nature in Central Taiwan. This project of Miaoli city government is to attract more international attention and tourists.

The rail bike system is right infrint of the Longteng Broken Bridge located at Longteng Station No. 20-2, Waizhuang, 4, Longteng Village, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County (Chinese address: 苗栗縣三義鄉龍騰村4鄰外庄20-2號)


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