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Foreign Nationals In Taiwan May Start Getting Hiking Permits For Xueshan Mountain Or Snow Mountain

Foreign nationals in Taiwan who are planning to experience the snow-capped mountain ranges of Xueshan Mountain Range this coming winter can begin to apply in advance for a hiking permit starting September, announced by Central News Agency.

Xueshan Mountain or the Snow Mountain is the second highest peak in Taiwan behind Yushan or Jade Mountain. The main peak of Xueshan stands at 3886m and has amazing views of the Sheipa National Park and its nearby mountains.

In the new rules in hiking Xueshan, hiking permits can only be applied one month prior to visiting the area. 

According to the park management, this would allow hikers to have more time for preparation and plan proper itineraries for Xueshan, the trekking is a part of Shei-Pa National Park. 

Trekking Xueshan is a good two day hike from the trail head to the summit. Xueshan is located on the boundary of Miaoli and Taichung. According to hikers, Xueshan is tougher to climb than the highest peak of Jade Mountain.

Foreign nationals who are interested in hiking Xueshan can fill out an online application form via the “Online Application for Taiwan National Park Permits” or click here.

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