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Harvard Research: Drinking many cups of caffeine drink enhances migraine

Harvard's recent research found out that taking more than 3 cups of caffeine drink a day, greatly increases the chances of migraine. The sources of these caffeines include coffee, tea, soda, and energy drinks.

According to the survey, the current rate of migraine in the world is 10%, and the medical community believes that migraine may be affected by many factors such as sleep and hormones. 10% of people worldwide suffer from migraine, especially in women (16%).  

In order to study the effects of caffeine intake and migraine, the Department of Epidemiology of Harvard University in the United States found 98 subjects, all of whom had occasional migraine.  Scholars asked the subjects to write a diary for six weeks, detailing the amount of exercise, sources of stress, sleep quality, caffeine and alcohol intake, and headaches, reported by Medical News Today.

The results of the study showed that caffeine caused a bipolar reaction and the chance of taking more than 3 cups of caffeine drink was greatly increased. Caffeine can also alleviate headaches caused by blockage of blood vessels in the brain.

"This study is only for patients with long-term migraine, not for people who do not often have migraine." according to the scholars.

Additionally, migraine is considered to be a brain's response to the environment and stress, and there are many factors. Sleep, hormones, light stimulation and climate change may cause migraine as pointed out by The Taiwan Headache Society.

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