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Heal And Relax Thru Nature In This Green Lake Scenic Area Of Taiwan

Yilan’s most secret scenic are called “Wanglongyu” or the Dragon Lake, covers a wide area and is convenient for visiting.  Roaming around can enjoy the healing of the mountains and rivers.  

The Wanglong Lake is green and looks like a matcha lake.  Travelers who visit the scenery can also take a good relaxation and tea in Huatian Village. Because of this beautiful lake and mountains, it became the shooting location of the well-known drama series in Taiwan.

It is a lake naturally formed in the foothills, the lake water which relate to the life of the local residents as they took the park for their ancient ancestors. 

Wanglongyu is beautifully landscaped, surrounded by mountains on three sides. It has a Chinese-style red nine-curve bridge and a red arch bridge across the lake. 

Yilan is one of the counties and cities that holiday travellers love to visit. Not only is the sightseeing factory rich, but also the nature's attractions. When you arrive, the first thing is to take a picture with the landmarks and the background is a jawdropping beautiful scenery.

Wang Long (望龍埤) is located at  No.18-6, Pocheng Road, Pillow Hill Village, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County (Chinese address: 宜蘭縣員山鄉枕山村坡城路18-6號) The scenic area is open 24/7.

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