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Hsinchu City Zoo To Re-Open After Two Years Of Closure

Taiwan's Hsinchu Zoo is expected to reopen this year after being closed for reconstruction and rework for almost two years, reported by Central News Agency.

The Hsinchu Zoo is one of the oldest Zoo in all of Taiwan estaished in 1936 that has serving three generations and the zoo is one if the favorites park of every local visiting the area in Hsinchu.

The zoo sits right within Hsinchu Park, in the middle of Hsinchu City. The Zoo is not that huge but the offers a close-up look for everyone to have an exciting and educational experience.

Hsinchu Zoo has expanded to have more space for the animals so that they can move on a large space. Also, visitors can watch the animals in a closer range.

The zoo reconstruction work is about to finish and the newly dressed zoo is expected to open by the end of the year. 

The zoo’s star animal Hippo Lele has recently moved into its new home. The Zoo will partially open for the preliminary activities, partialy open areas include the aged elephant-shaped gate, fountains of the zoo and Hippo Lele’s new home.

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