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Huawei Brings Innovative Technology To The Philippines; Aims To Build 5G Ecosystem

China-based Huawei Technologies which is known for its communication technology and smart devices is bringing its innovation expertise in the Philippines. It is sourced that the country will benefit from the application of digital transformation.

According to Daniel Guo, Vice president of Huawei Technologies Philippines, Huawei has its partnership with two telecommunications (PLDT and Globe) to rollout the 5G technology in the Philippines.

Huawei is also ready to partner with the upcoming 3rdTelco MISLATEL (DITO) in the Philippines which includes Chinese firm China Telecommunications Corp. With Huawei, Filipinos can experience low cost and high efficient network experience.

Initially, Huawei will focus its 5G rollout in National Capital Region since it has the infrastructure to host 5G network as it will become the backbone of the country’s new network. Philippines need to build backbone first, PLDT and Globe currently doesn’t have one, according to Guo.

5G is not just fast network but the application leads to digital transformation and will play a pivotal role in the digitization of different kinds of industries.

Choosing Huawei’s 5G includes early development, long-term and big investments to develop the 5G network. Huawei started its 5G research in 2009 when 4G is just start to deploy. 5G will lead the industries to automated, digital and AI driven development.

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