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Minimum Wage Of Taiwan Earned 3% Raise; Will Become NT$23,800 By January 2020

Taiwan's minimum monthly wage has been increased by three percent and hourly minimum rate also raised by five percent. The current manthly minimum wage is NT$23,100 will go up to NT$23,800 and  hourly minimum wage from NT$150 to NT$158.

The raise was decided by the the Basic Wage Deliberation Committee of the Ministry of Labor (MOL)  of Taiwan. The annual increase still a good news to everyone specially thos minimum wage earners on both local Taiwanese workers and migrant workers. 

The Basic Wage Deliberation Committee consists of the ministry and comprised of labor officials, representatives of business and labor groups, and experts, but it still has to be approved by the Cabinet and all agree to raise at least 3%.

In accordance with the Labor Standards Act of Taiwan, minimum wage earners foreign workers in Taiwan will also receive the pay raise, with a total 2.31 million laborers will benefit from the raise.

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