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One Filipino Arrested In Hong Kong, Mistakenly Part Of The Riot Protesters

A Filipino working in HongKong had been arrested and detained as HongKong police authorities tried to clear up protesters in Mong Kok, reported by South China Morning.

Alongside with the Filipino worker is another foreign worker from South Korea who is also arrested. The two foreign workers will be the first expats in Hong Kong to be detained while clearing the extradition bill protesters by the police.

The 36-year-old Filipino has been working in Hong Kong Disneyland as a parade dancer since 2008. Riot police locked down the man as the Filipino is helpless and is not wearing any protective gear.

He tried his best to explain to the police that he was not a protester but to no avail. He requested not be named for the sake of the safety of his mother.

Police did not listen to him as they said he is part of the protesters because he is wearing black (color of protesters) but he explained he was only there to get some food. Lawyers are now assisting him regarding his case.

(Photo source: China Daily)

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